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The new seller's area is online

07/15/2016 - To ensure the best usability of for our customers, we keep on developing.

Discover the all new designed seller's area now. It has never been easier, to add domains, categorize and administrate them. Add up to 50 new domains in just one step, accept the automatically suggested minimum price or set the minimum, maximum oder fixed price manually.

Choose up to three categories and your desired bidding options comfortably by drop-down menues.

You're now able to add keywords in different languages. Enhance your sales chances by making your domains more visible to international buyers.

The new seller's area is online

Fall special at – Free domain expertises in October

09/29/2016 - At, there's a special offer in October. Free expertises are provided for all domains listed for sale.

To benefit from this, it's only required, to list the domains for sale at free of charge until latest Oct. 31st 2016. The offer is valid for new customers and also existing ones.

Basic expertises, regularly priced at US$ 59.00, will be provided. In these, the domain's minimum value is determined, based on statistic-mathematic principles, taking several criteria into account: domain's length, domain extension (TLD), target markets (potential buyers range) and memorability of the domain name, as well as the characters contained in it. Each expertise will be delivered at the beginning of November as a bilingual PDF including a validation link to verify the authenticity. Additionally, the domain's owner is free to display the expertises at

"Transparency is a major concern at Besides our transparent conditions, which permanently include the listing of domains for sale at no charge, we want to improve the comparability of domains. Both, buyers and sellers, benefit from a realistic valuation provided by a third party", says's CEO Denny Kunkel.

The expertises support the owners of domains to determine realistic prices and enforce them.

Click here for an example expertise.

Fall special at – Free domain expertises in October

ValueBot - Automatic minimum pricing for domains

08/13/2016 - In order to make it easier and more comfortable to set the minimum prices for domains listed at, we enewed and enhanced our price proposal tool. We therefore proudly present the "ValueBot".

Within seconds ValueBot determines the minimum price for each domain listed newly on, taking into account e.g. the TLD, the length of the domain, several semantic factors and comparable sales on

Of course, you're still free, to set minimum, maximum or fixed prices of your choice.

Make even more profit with the dynamic pricing, related to the number of your domain's visitors.

The ValueBot is no substitute for an individual domain expertise, of course. Factors like trademark rights, branding or personal interests of a potential buyer are not included in the determination.

Nevertheless ValueBot is a great tool to estimate your domain's value quickly with reasonable results.

Click here to list your domains at for free.

ValueBot - Automatic minimum pricing for domains