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Domain parking - Your advantages

If your domain isn't in use right now, but you want it to be available anyways, without paying for web hosting, park it at for free.

Hereby you benefit from the detection of the number of visitors on the domain and therefore the dynamic pricing becomes available. This allows you to make more money, receive a discount on the sales commission and show prospective buyers right away, that the domain is for sale.

Domain parking - Your advantages

How to park your domain

List your domain for sale at and simply change its DNS settings to "@ CNAME".

Most domain providers allow to do so at the customer account. For questions on how to make the change, please contact your domain provider.

Please take note, that simple web forwarding won't be sufficient.

How to park your domain

Counting the number of visitors

Every visit of a domain is counted. Visits by search engines are filtered, if possible, and not counted. Several visits from the same IP at the same day are counted only once. The traffic displayed at is the calculated average annual traffic.

The number of visitors can be detected, if the domain is either parked at or the visitor counter is implemented on your website.

Counting the number of visitors visitor counter

If you want to keep using your domain until it's sold, but wish to benefit from dynamic pricing, please implement the following code on your website to allow us to count the number of visitors without the domain being parked.

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

We recommend to implement it on all pages of your website in order to allow the traffic to be counted when those are visited directly. visitor counter